Sunday Afternoons has been a major supporting contributor for several years. Their generosity has insured that funds have been available to pay the cooks, a supplement to the teachers and a competitive  salary for the two Cambodia managers representing Cambodia We Care.

Their company provides a complete line of sun protective clothing for children thru adults. Please visit their web site and if their products meet your requirements, please consider buying from them.


The Pool and Palm Villa, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Mr. Rahim Bin Kassim, the manager of the Pool and Palm Villa has been a local supporter in Cambodia of the Sambour School and the students. He continually arranges for school visits of students from Singapore and Malaysia. These guest buy new shoes for the students, teach English, play games, and bring soap and washing powder for the families. Mr Kassim has given of his own time and funds in providing bicycles, back packs and many other needed items. Please consider this as a place to stay should you plan to visit Siem Reap, Cambodia.