General Guidance for the school:

Cambodia We Care provides overall direction and guidance for the Sambour School. With the growth of the classes to how teach Kindergarten through 6th grade, a full time Principal is located at the school. The Principal also teaches classes in addition to the classroom administration.

The two Cambodia We Care managers provide overall support and guidance for the care and maintenance and feeding of the students. Fresh vegetables, along with the staple of rice, is served twice a week. The cost has been held to about fifty cents a student for a meal. Breakfast is also served daily, consisting of rice and some type of vegetable. All of the fresh foods are purchased in the market on the day they are served. The two managers then bring all of the food out to the school for the three cooks to prepare. Cooking is done on a wood heated stove. There is no electricity out to the school. Many of the students come in early to help prepare the lunch. They are learning hygiene along with skills that they can then teach their parents at each of their homes.